Our new run in Namur

Maximum safety


Combining driving pleasure with safety, the asphalt track is fully equipped with special protectors to prevent the karts from hitting the tyre walls. Stewards keep a constant watch over each fifteen minute session to make sure everything is running smoothly. The karts themselves have streamlined bodywork designed to make sure that impacts with other karts have no serious consequences.

A high-performance scoreboard


The timing system linked to a TV-video installation means drivers can evaluate their performance. A scoreboard at the side of the track shows each driver’s individual time for each lap, and printouts are also available.

A total area of 8,000 m2

With such a wide track, all overtaking manoeuvres are possible, making this 1000 metre circuit particularly fast and exciting.


JMKARTING (NAMUR & LIEGE) has the very latest ultra-modern karts. Equipped with a Sodikart chassis with full streamlining, these karts have 4-stroke Honda 270cc engines which develop 9 horsepower. Enough to take them to over 50km/h.

An electronic speed control system allows the karts to be slowed, or even stopped, if there is an accident, an obstruction on the track or if one of the drivers gets over-enthusiastic.

Within the framework of the driving school (for 6-16 year olds), JMKARTING can provide karts specially adapted for children and younger drivers ( www.jmkids.be ).

For every kart hired, each driver is provided with a set of overalls, a helmet and a disposable balaclava. There are also individual lockers for personal effects.

Participants are, of course, welcome to bring their own equipment.